Executive Officers

Michelle Chupik



Adam Sprott



Peter Joyce



Jackie Mertler



Leanne Heisler


Membership Coordinator

Jess Cosentino


Communications Coordinator

Branden Neufeld


Student Representative 

(University of Saskatchewan)

Noah Johnson


Student Representative 

(University of Regina)

Moriah Tanguay


Conservation Affairs Committee Representative and Member-at-Large

Dale Barks



Kristen Johnsen



About Executive Positions

President – The President shall have general supervision of the Chapter officers, preside as Chairperson at meetings of the Executive Board and shall be ex-officio, a member of all committees except the Nominating and Elections Committee. The President may represent the Chapter or appoint alternate representatives to other Chapter, Section or Society boards, committees or meetings including the Canadian Section of The Wildlife Society. As Chapter Representative, the President shall represent and serve as liaison to the Section for the Chapter, provide the editor of the Section newsletter with news and items of interest from the Chapter area, and serve as a contact among the Section, Chapters and members in their respective areas.

Vice-President – The Vice President shall assume the duties of the President in the absence or upon the inability of the President to serve, and shall perform any duties assigned by the President. In the event the Vice President cannot serve in the President’s absence, the Executive Board shall appoint a President, pro tempore.

Treasurer – The Treasurer shall be responsible for Chapter funds, and shall submit complete financial reports to the last meeting of his term of office. Duties also include the receipt and disbursement of funds.

Secretary – The Secretary shall be responsible for general Chapter administration. Duties include recording minutes at all meetings, managing the Chapter email account and general correspondence, and providing website and social media support.

Membership Coordinator – The Membership Coordinator shall be responsible for Chapter membership records, soliciting memberships, and supporting the general business of the Chapter.

Communications Coordinator – The Communications Coordinator shall be responsible for the management of the Chapter website and social media accounts, and preparing promotional materials for Chapter events.

Student Representatives – The Student Representatives shall act as liaisons between the Chapter and student members, and support the general business of the Chapter.

Members-at-Large – The Members-at-Large shall be responsible for promoting the Chapter to wildlife professionals and organizations, soliciting memberships, and supporting the general business of the Chapter.

Executive Board – The Executive Board shall act as the governing body for the Chapter and be made up of the above described officers.